Custom Toothpick Flags – Pack of 100


Handmade pack of 100 bamboo wood toothpick flags, perfect for sandwiches, desserts, drinks, and more.

No Rush Orders will be accepted until September
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No Rush Orders will be accepted until September

Our single-use bamboo wood toothpick flags are biodegradable and disposable to make clean-up an environmentally friendly and easier task.
Our food-grade wood toothpick is stronger than comparable plastic, and won’t bend, snap, or break when inserted into your products. Even our glue is food grade.
These picks are perfect for holding together club sandwiches, as well as large wraps and burgers that need help staying together. They are also the finishing touch on cupcakes, cake borders, funnel cakes, ice cream dishes, and luxury drinks at the bar!
The flag makes it easy for staff to grasp in a safe handling way when inserting the toothpick, and for customers to pull when removing it. At the same time, a sharper, pointed pick end ensures quick and clean insertion every time.

Oh, one more highlight – we make these by hand, right here in America! And every toothpick flag has Made in the USA on the spine of the flag.

Great product for restaurants, bars, event planners, and specialty retailers. A very popular item for party, cupcake, pastry, and cheese decorations.

When uploading your design –

Things to check for:

  • Text size is legible and color stands out against the background
  • Nothing is overlapping or too close to the margins
  • Information is accurate and spelled correctly
  • Images are clear and don’t appear blurry

Placing your order indicates that you have approved the artwork that you have uploaded to be printed and understand that there are no refunds or returns on these products. 

Allow 21 business days for production.

If you are having issues uploading files, please call us at 800-962-0956

What type of files do we accept?

File types accepted include, and .psd. Vector files, files comprised of outlines, not pixels, are required for all submitted artwork. 

We cannot accept screenshots or photos of finished toothpick flags. 

Dimension requirements?

All artwork must be a minimum of 600dpi. The required dimensions for toothpick flags are 1.5” x 1”.

Submitted artwork that does not meet our minimum requirements will result in an additional charge and time to redraw for the minimum requirements.

Copyright – To place an order, you must send us a certified letter confirming that you have permission to use the logo for print. Additionally, by proceeding with the order, you acknowledge and agree to indemnify and protect Global Flags Unlimited, LLC against any losses resulting from copyright infringement. By making a purchase, you give your consent to this agreement.

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